Used RV For Sale

If you are looking for a used RV for sale, it's likely you want a recreational vehicle that is in good condition but affordable. At, we provide you with all you need to make a smart purchasing decision. Buying a used RV can be a stressful experience; it's often hard to know what you're getting, and you do not want to waste your money on an RV that will not provide you with the enjoyment you are looking for.

Types of used RV's for sale

Recreational vehicles come in all types and sizes suitable for any need. You may be in the market for a motor home, trailer, slide-in, pop-up or fifth wheel. Some people enjoy a motor home because of the convenience of actually driving their living quarters, while others find alternate options more affordable.

Whether you are looking for a small trailer for those weekend fishing trips or a luxurious motor home so that you and your spouse or family can travel far and wide, there are options available for any budget ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands. Next, we will discuss what you should look for when you find a used RV for sale that you are interested in.

Inspect thoroughly before buying a used RV for sale

No one would spend money on a car, boat or home without first making sure that everything is in order, and the same is true with a recreational vehicle. Here are a few things you should inspect before you buy:

Does the battery still work? Many times when an RV has been setting for a while the battery will be dead or very weak. Make sure it works; if the bulbs inside burn brightly, the battery is likely in good working order.

How do the tires look? Inspect the tread and look for cracks or splits. If the tread is fairly deep and there are no other signs of weakness, they are probably in good shape.

Inspect the exterior of the RV. Do all outside compartments open and close properly? Does the step leading to the door let up and down without a problem? Also inspect windows to ensure that they will open and that latches are not rusted.

Ask the owner to let you check out any appliance such as the hot water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. Make sure the hot water heater works and that the air conditioner blows cold air.

Look at cabinets, flooring, blinds, curtains, the cooking range and all of the details inside the RV. Also make certain that the toilet flushes properly, and that the water pump is in working order.

How can you find a used RV for sale?

Finding a used RV for sale isn't that difficult, and there are other places to look than just the local newspaper. Look in newspapers that run statewide, and those "free shoppers" that are typically filled with classified ads.

If you have a new RV dealer in your area, check with them to see if they may have a few used ones in their inventory. Consignment lots also frequently have a used RV for sale as many owners who are trying to sell do not want to have strangers coming to their homes.

Consider placing a "want to buy" ad in your newspaper as well, and be on alert when you are running errands, shopping or going back and forth to work. Many owners simply park their RV in the front yard and put a for sale sign on it.

You might also consider going online to see if you can find a used RV for sale. Auction sites like eBay often have great deals on RVs, but you will have to work with the seller to determine the best way to see it if the seller lives a great distance from you.

Keep in mind when looking for a used RV for sale that you are making a wise choice. It is common knowledge that as soon as you drive a brand spanking new RV off of the lot, it's value decreases dramatically and it is a used vehicle in seconds. In fact, you get a much better value for the money by purchasing a used recreational vehicle.

The smartest thing to do when searching for that perfect motor home, trailer or fifth wheel is to have patience and inspect from top to bottom both inside and out. Many times you can get a fantastic deal on an RV that was purchased by an older couple, as older people normally take very good care of their possessions. Additionally, retired people often decide they will take to the road and travel, then lose interest or find it isn't to their liking. This means that you may be able to find a used RV for sale that is practically new!

Consider purchasing an extended warranty as well; although you may never need it, the peace of mind is often worth the cost. Hopefully you are now armed with the information you need when in search of a used RV for sale.